Airtable for your database.

An admin console for your Postgres
or MySQL database

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Democratize your data for...

Customer Support

Plato is your support panel. Field support queries and edit production data to fix customer issues.


Plato is your operators' view into your database.

Business Intelligence

Not yet ready for a heavyweight tool like Looker or Tableau? Plato is your lightweight BI solution.


Plato is your CRM that never has to be synced. Track new customer data alongside your tables with Plato's virtual columns.

Step 1

Connect your database

Whitelist our IP, then connect to your cloud database with a password or SSL certificate. Plato supports PostgreSQL and MySQL, with more on the way.

Step 2

CRUD & Queries

Manage your data, just as you would in Airtable.

  • Perform CRUD operations
  • Edit data inline
  • Transform tables with no-code queries
Step 3

Extend your database
with virtual columns

Tired of syncing data with a heavyweight CRM? Use virtual columns instead. They live in Plato and never touch your database.

Step 4

Secure your database

Restrict write access to just certain users, on just certain tables. All queries are issued directly to your database. Your row data is never stored on Plato's servers.