The new,  intuitive way to build apps.

The ease of a spreadsheet. The power of an app.

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Data Integrations

Connect your Postgres, MySQL, or Airtable data, or create brand new data right in Plato. Manage it all in an Airtable-style UI.

Canvas & Blocks

Assemble your app out of 25+ builtin components in a free-form canvas.

Record & Replay

If you can see it, you can automate it. Plato’s record and replay system let you build sophisticated multi-step automations for buttons and forms.


Build your app as easy as you build a spreadsheet.

Publish & Share

Build simple apps for just yourself, share with your teammates, or publish to the world!

Use Cases

Manage projects

Track Task Time

Manage inventory

Schedule jobs with your clients

Track billing and invoices

Marketplace operations