Build flexible
internal tools

Build tools that are functional like apps yet flexible like spreadsheets.

Peace of Mind for Developers.

Devs connect Plato to their databases and APIs, providing a safe foundation on which anyone can build tools. Plato can run either in the cloud or self hosted in a Docker image.


Connect your Database

Whitelist our IP, then connect your relational database or warehouse. All queries are live. Data is never stored in Plato.


Connect your APIs

Connect your internal APIs and SaaS endpoints, exposing them to your team as simple forms.


Secure Access

Secure data with SSO and granular permissions. Define custom views that restrict your teammates access to your database.

Extensiblity for Everyone.

Your business doesn't stand still. Neither should your tools.
‍Plato is a live workspace, like Excel or Airtable, that lets operators extend their tools in real time.

Query your DB with the ease of Airtable

Plato provides an Airtable-like UI for managing your database with CRUD operations, inline edits, and custom views.

Extend Schema without modifying the DB.

Extend your existing tables with virtual columns that live entirely in Plato. Or create entirely new tables, just like in Airtable.

Automate your work with Record & Replay.

Creating automations has never been this easy. Whether it's for data pipelines or application controls like button clicks and form submissions, just press record.

Build rich apps with Drag & Drop.

Create new apps out of dozens of builtin components such as tables, buttons, forms, and dynamic formulas.

Build Form Workflows without writing code.

Build custom workflows for daily operations such as onboarding users, filing claims, or submitting purchase orders.

The workspace for agile operations.

Developers choose Plato to give their teammates tools that evolve as fast as their business.

Database table with inline editing capabilities
B2B SaaS

Build an admin panel that lets your team...

Extend free trials

Resolve customer support queries

Provision accounts

Database table with inline editing capabilities

Give your operations team a workspace to...

Automate inventory management

Track shipments

Sync transporters with your CRM

Manage warehouse operations

Database table with inline editing capabilities

Give your operations team the tools to...

Introduce new KYC approval rules

Automate compliance in new markets

Identify and track unusual transaction patterns

Build claims processing queues

Database table with inline editing capabilities

Ecommerce ops are messy. Build your operations on a platform that can adapt.

Track and automate inventory operations

Automate vendor messaging

Identify and resolve missing product information

Make self-serve tooling finally happen

Agile Operations

Product and Operations don't belong in the same backlog. Plato lets operators adapt their workflows to changing requirements in minutes, not weeks.

Superpowers for Operators

Isn't it strange that every "low-code" internal tool builder is built only for engineers? Plato gives operators the power to extend their own tools without bothering engineers.

Free your Developers

Plato lets developers provide their team with a safe and secure workspace for internal tools, and the peace of mind to step away and work on other things.